Live Life With Passion

“The mind in itself and in its own place can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell.”
John Milton
Last two weekends ago I attended Tony Robbins Unleash Your Power Within seminar in Sydney. You can watch the recording here > . It was 12-15 hour days spread across four days, heavily involved with shifting our mindset. The first day consisted of a fire walk! over 2000 degrees of hot coal. Safe to say I did it!!. And the truth is ANYONE can do it!
You see anything and everything we do all comes from the power of our mind.
The only thing that stops us from achieving greatness within our selves is us. We get in our own way! How debilitating and inconvenient can we be to ourselves right?.
Tony explains what controls our thoughts and emotions, are our values and beliefs.
Here’s a little exercise you can do to help yourself if you have a limiting belief that is stopping you from moving forward:
1) Identify three limiting beliefs that have produced unwanted or negative consequences in your life.
2) Now write down each old limiting belief, cross it out, and then write your new empowering belief.
Limiting belief – I don’t have enough resources to create a thriving business >BS!
Empowering Belief – The truth is there is a zillion resources out there and I can find anything I need
How often do we step into our own trap?? After all we created those thoughts. It’s not real.
So, I encourage you to do yourself a favour and stop self sabotaging your self with belief that does not serve you. 🙂
If you feel you need further clarification with this, please reach out.
I am offering 1 x 60 minute complimentary discovery sessions for those who need further assistance in shifting their mindset OR perhaps you need some Motivation Madness. My daughter and I have started a new youtube segment called Motivation Madness. If your up for it you can watch it > here  🙂
Remember You Become What You Think About All Day Long..
Think happy thoughts, become happy.
Here’s to Living Life With Passion!!!