Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy

Specialising in providing a range of Remedial, Sports, Trigger Point & Corporate Massage services. Health Fund Rebates & Workcover appointments available.

Sheb has been practicing massage therapy for as long as she can remember, formerly however, it’s been almost 10 years. She has been a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach for the past 5 years.

In 2008, Sheb won Student Therapist of the Year award by the Association of Massage Therapist and has been a member of the Association ever since. She is a member with Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, and Exercise and Sport Science Australia. In order to keep up with the latest research in massage and health and well-being industry, she regularly attends training conferences and workshops. In mid 2012, Sheb began her study at the University of Newcastle. Graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science Degree, her primary focus was on how the body worked and how lack of movement resulted in various bodily dysfunction.

Much of her consultation is integrated through hands-on treatment in combination with exercise and massage, this helps alleviate pain and tension in certain parts of the body whilst allowing healing.

From 2008 to current, she was fortunate to be working with numerous elite sporting teams such as NSW State of Origin team, World Master’s Game, The Hunter Academy of Sports, Triathlon Clubs, various NRL team’s and sees clients for a variety of conditions. Among them are: shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back issues, general relaxation and wellness, knee issues, and many others.

Some of the feedback were “my depression has eased,” “I don’t feel so anxious as much,” “my stress levels have reduced,” “I feel happier” and “I have increased range of motion in my shoulder.”

Discover how you can recover from your injuries faster and regain your physical wellbeing back, when you use a combination of massage techniques and therapies. Find out how you can live a happier, healthier and pain-free life when you organise your next consultation with Sheb.

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