It is my immense pleasure to recommend Sheb as one of the best Physical therapists I have had the pleasure of working with in recent history. I am a Double Amputee and currently training for a Marathon, so apart from numerous complex medical issues affecting nerve sensation and limited movement, I have the added complication of general therapy needs, muscle stiffness and soreness.

To her credit, Sheb never took a backwards step, showing both gifted diagnostic and therapy skills. Without hesitation, Sheb’s willingness to work on the area’s most Therapists find too difficult was impressive. Always ready to explain and completely mindful of my comfort, Sheb’s smiling and positive nature exuded confidence in her ability to treat.

I believe Sheb to be a remarkably talented Woman, well beyond her years in knowledge and understanding of the human body. Sheb’s ability to utilise practices including Chinese Medicine, Shiatzu massage as well as other diverse methods, I believe puts her in an elite category rarely seen in Therapy.

Without reservation, I give my unequivocal and complete endorsement of Sheb’s abilities and truly believe her superior skillset is not only a credit to her, but will guarantee there are no safer hands to be in.

I wish Sheb all the best for the future and look forward to seeing her again when I am in Newcastle.

Kindest Regards

Nathan Maher


“Sheb helped me through a particularly painful time in my life & I feel so grateful for her treatments with empathy & compassion that she showed to my situation. If you need a Massage Therapist who truly is in tune with how you are feeling, Sheb will be just who you need. Through her hands Sheb has a way of finding the right points & applying just the right pressure that your body needs. Sheb has a beautiful, vibrant, presence that gives her the ability to truly connect with people.”

Cheryl Fleet at http://cherylflettportrait.com


“I know Sheb Giner in my capacity as a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am 51 years old and help my 3rd degree black belt husband run a successful martial arts school. I still compete at an international level and have a crew of professionals around me that keep my body and mind happy and healthy. Sheb has treated me and I found her to be highly professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my specific needs. I believe her gift is her ability to hone in on what you need as an individual, none of this generic one size fits all approach. She is highly accomplished in her field, Bachelor Ex Sport Science, dip remedial massage, dip in Fitness and cert Iv in fitness. Sheb listens to and treats her clients in a holistic fashion and I would recommend her to anyone. Whether you are an athlete, or someone with a specific injury or concern go see Sheb for a comprehensive consultation.”

Nikki Lange BJJ Brown belt instructor at http://www.langesmma.com/instructors/


“Sheb Giner is an amazing and highly intuitive woman who has a high degree of personal integrity and professionalism in her work. She is well educated, dedicated and she is down to earth and approachable. The treatments she’s given me have released pain with ease and grace. She is gentle, she is kind and above all she is connected to her intuitive healing energy. I highly recommend a session with Sheb, you will feel lighter, pain free and ready to live life with renewed energy and vitality.”

Susan Kennedy at https://susanelizabethkennedy.com


“I can highly recommend Sheb for a massage. I have been a regular client for a considerable amount of time and have found Sheb to be friendly, professional, intuitive and hardworking masseuse who has expert knowledge in deep tissue massage. I spend 40 hours a week at a desk. I have been seeing Sheb to reduce back and neck pain and I highly recommend her services. Reducing muscle tension allows me to be more relaxed and productive. The pressure is just right and all the right areas are worked on. I always feel relaxed after getting a massage from Sheb. I look forward to my next massage.”

Angela Byrnes

“Sheb is fantastic at massage. Her knowledge extends far further than just massage techniques. She is extremely knowledgeable with regards to injuries and is good at understanding and explaining things to you. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Nikki Grant at http://www.centralcoasttherapy.com.au


“Remedial masseurs, good ones, are very difficult to find. I can recommend Sheb very highly. Her philosophical approach to treating and understanding the patients requirements is something that was attractive to me. Understanding the body is something she excels at. I also like the fact that she doesn’t chat throughout the whole treatment allowing the patient to relax . Identifying the problem areas and treating it successfully is also ones of Shebs special capabilities.”

Elizabeth Burgess