Paradigm Shift


The new word on the street is “paradigm”.  Have you heard of it? Do you have a paradigm? More than likely you do. So what are paradigms? Paradigms a multitude of habits that create every move you make. They are responsible for how you walk, talk, and how you communicate.  They govern your failures and success in life. They are responsible for your results.

So where did they come from? 

Paradigms are the invincible force that controls your life. You can either inherit your paradigm through your genetics, our environment, or other people’s beliefs,opinions and habits.

If you wonder why you keep getting the same negative results day in day out, it’s probably because you have faulty paradigm wired in your subconscious mind. In other words your mind is programmed to get the results you are always getting.

Have you wondered why some people are so successful while others are not? The difference is that those who are successful operate on a much higher frequency. They know the difference between the knowing and doing gap.

Is it too late to shift your paradigm? Absolutely not! If you want to start being successful in life and start seeing the results that you want to see, you can change your results and I don’t mean temporarily.  You can create a permanent change. However, shifting your paradigm is the only way to do it. Once this shift is activated, that’s when you start to see your self beam like the sun. This is where the magic happens. Then and only then will you start to see the results you have always wanted.

When you alter your subconscious mind from and area of “life is too hard”, or “I only make $50,000 a year”, to an area of “I live in total abundance”,  you will soon discover that there really is no limit to how far you can go in your life.

Once you have replaced the old paradigm with a new paradigm that will serve you, you will access a level of power that will open up a world of opportunities and magic will start to flow into your life.

Altering your paradigm is simple, effective and enjoyable, BUT you have to first make a decision and then ask your self are you WILLING and ABLE? If you have what ever it takes to succeed, there will be no reason why you won’t.

Remember: there will be no permanent change in your life until the paradigm has been changed.

Start today: Think of two limiting beliefs that you have and start making the shift. Consciously keep your new thoughts in your mind, and act as though your shift has already happened. Make sure you impress the thought into your mind. This will be build the foundation of your success.

It wont be long till you start to notice the dramatic change you have made in your life. Your life will change for the better!