Results That Stick - FREE Seminar

7pm 29th August - Best Western Plus Apollo Hotel
290 Pacific Hwy, Charlestown

Whether you know exactly what you want to achieve in life or you simply know that there is something more than what you currently have. This seminar will open your mind to unlimited potential that is deep within you.

You will discover the reason why so many people become stuck in their life is due to their paradigms. Paradigms are a multitude of habitual behaviours that are the cause of the results that you get in your life. These paradigms are usually fear based and they will prevent you from moving into the direction that you want, ultimately preventing you from becoming unstuck.

If you are ready:

  • To discover who you really are and what you really want
  • Raise your awreness
  • Ready  to step out of the downward spiral
  • Ready to create a quantum leap
  • Tap into your limitless potential

Then I encourage you to register now!

Be prepared to feel empowered, grow, and find new and exciting ways to improve your thinking towards the results that you have been waiting for. When you face your paradigms, you get over the negative thinking and dive into freedom.

Sheb is fortunate to work with one of the worlds top personal development figures around, the name Bob Proctor is synonymous with success. Long before his role in the movie The Secret,  Bob Proctor was sent into the realm of superstardom, he was already a legendary figure in the world of personal development who has helped millions of people across the globe achieve success. His insights, inspiration, ideas, systems, and strategies are the dimes on which countless lives have spun —  the sparks that have ignited career transformations, personal epiphanies, inner awakenings, and the creation of million-dollar fortunes the world over.

During this Event, Sheb will help you identify the reasons why your thinking could be the reason to achieve your unwanted results. Sheb will help instill some mental foundations towards how you can achieve success and find the motivation to achieve what ever desire you have in your life.

You Have Unlimited Potential!
It's Time To Shine