Success By Design For Students

On-site Support

Program delivered face-to-face once per week for 6 weeks, 45-60 minutes each session.

6 Week Program

6 weeks of professional coaching to empower, uplift and help design the life students desire.


Workbook designed to challenge the students thinking and shift their mindset.

Student Situation

One of the greatest thing that stop people from achieving their ultimate success in life is their belief in themselves. The only limitation we have, is the limitation we place on ourselves. We are not taught at school how to believe in ourselves and how our perspective can dictate the results that we get in life. For instance, a student may believe that they can’t achieve successful university grades. But is this true? Well, as Henry Ford put it “If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right”. We do not have the awareness that thinking of our negative beliefs can prevent us from achieving the results we want in life.

Our negative belief system make life’s journey far less fulfilling for us if we allow it. Unfortunately, if we are not upgrading our belief’s to match our current and future goals, we are going to remain stuck where we are. This will cause all kinds of stress and frustration for the individual as they try to understand their purpose as a student. In addition, this will impact the students university grades, their relationships within their social environment, confidence level, and ultimately impact the outcome they get in life.

Another compelling truth is that we are not taught how to set goals for our selves. Not all students studying at university are aware of goal setting and the impact this can have on their lives. Having goals is the fundamental key to success as they allow us to create our future in advance as if it were already here. So many students leave university with degrees that go off their business cards and yet they end up with nothing. Why? There is a gap between the knowing and doing. This has to do with their paradigms and the belief system impressed in their subconscious mind. A paradigm is a multitude of ideas that are fixed in the subconscious mind and referred to as conditioning or as paradigms. Paradigms buried in our subconscious mind will not only create frustration but also limit individual potential.


Professional Coaching For High School Students

Since our belief system and lack of goal setting are key components for anyone seeking success, this program will involve a holistic approach helping students understand the difference between their conscious mind and subconscious mind. This will help students identify where they are stuck and how they can breakthrough limiting beliefs towards freedom. Shifting the students mindset from can’t to can and helping them see the greatness in them is something everyone can benefit. For a person to change their results, they must change their paradigm, and this requires strong conscious control over thinking. As each student change their thinking, they alter the vibration (feeling) they are in, which affects how they feel. Small incremental changes will allow the students to experience personal growth and development.

Benefits To The Students

  • Inspiration and motivation for the students to study in a healthy mind.
  • Help create the life of their dreams and move towards the direction in which they feel empowered.
  • Boost in self confidence and self-esteem as students understand how powerful our words are and the impact this can have on their lives.
  • Improved positive attitude. By having a positive attitude, not only will the students have a positive impact on bringing the good to the surface through everything they do, but also create positive impact to those around them. We can only help others, if we help our self.
  • Meaningful living. The students will gain heightened awareness and allow purpose back into their lives as they progress through the program by altering their beliefs and attitudes.
  • Paradigm shift. By reprogramming the students subconscious mind which is the bridge between how they are living and how they want to live.


About Sheb

Sheb's vision is to improve the lives of people seeking success in their health, wealth and happiness by coaching them through powerful learning strategies to unleash their true potential and achieve their inner most desires. Sheb has worked with 1,000's of individuals both elite and general public during the course of her career, firstly as Remedial Massage Therapist then as an Exercise Scientist. She combines both modalities together accelerating the rate of healing with her clients. Sheb is here to help change your life, shift your paradigms and empower you to live a fuller more fulfilling life. Sheb is Tony Robbins and Cloé Maddens qualified Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach and certified Thinking Into Results consultant by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Her strategy is simple, yet effective and form a powerful combination when both modalities are integrated. Having experienced depression and anxiety for many years in her life, Sheb understands that the way towards freedom without the medication, is to study and improve her awareness of who she really is.

Sheb provides proven solutions to interpersonal conflicts and time tested strategies based on the science and mechanics to human potential. She servers to help inspire and empower people to become their ultimate best self by eliminating fear, worry, doubt and anxiety. She will help elevate your level your energy by shifting your mindset to higher grounds.