Tony Robbins TRIAD – How To Overcome Depression In An Instant!


If you have been depressed before, you will know that it is not a pleasant feeling. Over the years I have had my fair share of depressive states and it got to the point that my Doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants. I refused to take any medication because I did not what to be dependent on medication. At the time I did not know how to control my state of mind, so I rolled with the punches and hoped for the best. These days however, I am much more in control of my state of mind and I can change my thoughts and behaviour in an instant!

I don’t think I have heard anyone explain it as well as Tony Robbins. While back when I studied Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes life coaching certification, there was a segment were Tony demonstrates how depression is a state of mind we reach by taking deliberate steps. In other words, the decisions we make and feel on a conscious or subconscious level is related to learned behaviour.

Can you unlearn something ? Absolutely! We can re-learn and rewire our mind to act according to how we want to feel. We can learn to control our emotions and feelings in an instant! And I am going to share that with you now.

The three primary patterns of emotion are called the Triad:

Force # 1: Physiology (how you use your physical body such as breath, posture, movement, how your body is built, etc.) Refers to the mind body connection such as our body communicating with our brain creating chemicals of depression.

Force # 2: Focus (whatever you focus on, you will feel): What you focus on depends on your values, your rules for fulfilling those values and your global beliefs, all of which constitute your identity. What images are you producing in your mind? Are your thoughts in harmony with the good that you desire or are they in a negative state. Depending on what thoughts you are creating, your brain will produce depressive chemicals effecting your emotional/physiological state.

Force # 3: Language/Meaning (as soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience): The words we put to an experience have to do with the questions we habitually ask ourselves, the metaphors we habitually use, and the incantations we use on ourselves (such as “I can’t do anything right,” or “I’m very smart”). Words have a profound effect on a cellular level. Our body is an instrument of our mind, therefore, we have to choice wisely what type of language we use to describe our current state of mind.

Here’s an example:

At any point in time, what we focus on and the meaning we give to what we’re focusing on produce an emotion, the emotion produces the behaviour.

Two men a having a work meeting.

Physiology: Nervous, shallow breath and has a stomachache.
Focus: Thinking of all the times he was late with his reports.
Language: His thoughts are that his boss is nasty, mean and will probably fire him.


Physiology: Puts himself in a positive mental state followed with some deep breathing and some power moves.
Focus: thinking that even though his reports were somethings late, they were a major contribution to the company.
Language: He’s thinking that the boss is an intelligent, sensitive person who understands the value of Bill’s work.

Who is most likely to have a successful meeting?

My beat is on Bill.

I’d like to conclude that the way Tony described a depressive state is that depression is a choice!!

This was a shock when I first heard it and I had to really think deep and study exactly what he meant. But the minute you accept this, the more chance you have in breaking through the negative state and taking control of your thoughts.

When and if you ever feel depressed, down, negative, start to shift your body into a power pose. If you are unsure what a power pose is, think of Wonder Woman and how she stands with feet apart, hands on hips, chin tilted up.  Stand in that positive stance for a few seconds. For extra boost, repeat positive affirmations such as “I am smart”, “I am in control” and start to take note of your body and minds ability to shift from a negative to a positive state in an instant. This is really powerful. Practice this each time you need to step out of a negative state and into a positive state.

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Yours in peace & harmony,

Sheb 🙂

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