You Were Born Rich

3 Months You Were Born Rich Book Study and mastermind live webinar course

Learn how to create financial mindset that will increase your income on the basis of Bob Proctor's bestseller 'You Were Born Rich'

Facilitated by Sheb Thinking Into Results Consultant, Sheb has trained in Exercise Sport Science, Strategic Intervention (life coaching) and attended numerous personal developmental seminars through out her career. Personal & spiritual growth are her stronger areas of interest including law of attraction, positive mindset, energy healing, and affirmations. She is a major student of Bob Proctor's material and applies Bob's material to achieve personal success. Sheb has a strong desire in helping people achieve their goals and helping them realize their unlimited power they have within them.

Join Sheb every Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm AEST for 11 weeks! STARTING 11th October 2017 - 20th December 2017

If you desire to:

✔︎ increase your income & stop the money struggle

✔︎ create a financial mindset that will attract more income and opportunities to you

✔︎ change limiting beliefs & habits around money and allow it to flow to you

✔︎ learn Universal Laws (Law of Attraction & more) in practical application

✔︎ tap into awareness of a top success & multiple streams of income teacher in the world, Bob Proctor

✔︎ unleash potential within you and start creating the life you're meant to live




Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results Consultant

Tap into your infinite potential and attract more money now!

Next Online Live Group Coaching Session Commence Wednesday 11th October  7:00 pm

Here's Exactly What You Will Get

✔︎ 3 months of weekly webinars run by Sheb, consultant of Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results process, walking you through step-by-step the principles discussed in the book and helping you apply these principles into your daily life and attract more money

✔︎ Webinar recordings if you ever miss a session

✔︎ You Were Born Rich book in PDF and mp3

✔︎ Coaching, guidance and support

✔︎ Interaction with other like minded individuals

✔︎ 1 x one-on-one Complimentary 60 minute discovery session

Are You Ready To Join The Journey?

This course is delivered online via LIVE Webinar only $97 AUD per month over 3 months!

$97 per month, 3 instalments

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How It Works

If you are wondering what the online coaching program involves, or what you need to do it, here's how it works:

  Register your commitment to start making shift happen for you here:

  Once your registration has been verified, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment.

   You will receive a link via email to invite you to log into zoom webinar and it will look similar to this: “Sheb Giner is inviting you to a scheduled  Zoom meeting. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android” You simply click on the link, at least 5 - 10 minutes before start, and you will see all participants who are joining in on the session.

   At the end of each season I will give you a challenge for that week to complete. It’s not compulsory but highly recommend as it will amplify the   positive impact on your success.

   Do I need to have a zoom account I hear you ask? The answer is no. You will however need audio and camera display on your devise that you   choose to log in with.

  Each session will be different from the next, but will build on each other.

   You will be in a supportive environment with other like minded individuals who are all eager to make shift happen in their life AND all in the comfort of your home.

The Secret Of Super Successful Masterminding


  • Inspiration and motivation towards living a healthy, wealthy, happy and meaningful life.

  • The right attitude to achieve anything you desire.

  • Masterminding used blended mind-power-in-action to obtain unlimited results - financially, corporately, entrepreneurially, psychologically, and spiritually.

  • Other people find the best that's in us and in the group.

  • Masterminding helps individuals working in synchronization to achieve a purpose/s bigger than themselves.

  • Help create the life of your dreams and move towards the direction in which you feel empowered.

  • Boost in confidence and self-esteem as you start to understand the power of your words and how they impact the life we create for our selves.

  • Positive attitude by shifting your perspective towards the good that you desire.

  • Gain clarity and powerful awareness as you allow your life purpose to flow through.

  • Reprogramming your conscious and subconscious mind, you will experience a paradigm shift like no other. This will be the bridge towards how you are living and how you want to live. 

About Sheb

Sheb's vision is to improve the lives of people seeking success in their health, wealth and happiness by coaching them through powerful learning strategies to unleash their true potential and achieve their inner most desires. Sheb has worked with 1,000's of individuals both elite and general public during the course of her career, firstly as Remedial Massage Therapist then as an Exercise Scientist. She combines both modalities together accelerating the rate of healing with her clients. Sheb is here to help change your life, shift your paradigms and empower you to live a fuller more fulfilling life. Sheb is Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes qualified Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach and certified Thinking Into Results consultant by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Her strategy is simple, yet effective and form a powerful combination when both modalities are integrated. Having experienced depression and anxiety for many years in her life, Sheb understands that the way towards freedom without the medication, is to study and improve her awareness of who she really is.

Sheb provides proven solutions to interpersonal conflicts and time tested strategies based on the science and mechanics to human potential. She servers to help inspire and empower people to become their ultimate best self by eliminating fear, worry, doubt and anxiety. She will help elevate your level your energy by shifting your mindset to higher grounds.

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What if I am unable to attend any sessions?
- We understand that sometimes you have to attend life and so each lesson will be recorded for your convenience where you will receive a recorded video of the coaching session you missed.

How long is each coaching session?
- Each coaching session will run for approximately 60 minutes.

What other types of support do I get?
- You will have access to a private facebook page and the opportunity to mastermind with other like-minded people. Accountability partnership between your coaching peers. 24/7 email support.

How long does the course run for/work?
- Each program will run for 11 weeks at a time. You will have 1 x live online coaching session each week.

What makes this course any different from other online programs?
- There is not one like this out there. The goal of this program is to help raise your level of awareness towards who you really and what you are capable of achieving. You have deep reservoirs of potential locked up deep within you. It is time that you unleashed the power within and start to live the life you were born to live. We simply can't do it alone, this is why we are doing it in a group environment. As each participant shares their own experiences you will learn from each other, feel empowered and inspired! It really is a unique and powerful tool. 

Can I ask for a one-on-one interaction with Sheb?
Yes ! you most certainly can request a phone or skype session with Sheb at an additional fee. However, each participant will receive the opportunity of a 60 minute complimentary discovery session.

Who runs the program?
- Sheb will deliver each and every session with you.

What is required from the participants?
-A positive, open mind, a great attitude and a willingness to learn and participate as much as you can.

What form does the course take?
-Online via zoom webinar. At the end of each session you will receive your challenge for the week. This can be in the form of writing or doing. They are not hard, simple yet requires commitment and repetition. After all, this is what's required for permanent change to occur. This is the only way for re programming to occur. You are required to read 1 chapter each week.

Will I get the same results online as I would face-to-face coaching?
Absolutely! You will feel empowered each and every week as you progress each session. The weekly webinars with zoom technology make it that much more powerful and easy for us to connect. 

Who is the course available to?
-Anyone wishing to attend. However, please not that the course is based on Australian Eastern Standard time (UTC+10).